The family of Teresia Calene Hasseries and Thomas Hasseries

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Teresia graduated from Wenatchee High School 1970. Teresia Cantrell married David Leroy Wilburn in East Wenatchee, Washington, March 25, 1972. David Leroy Wilburn was born in Port Townsend, Washington. Teresia and David divorced September 11, 1981 Yakima, Washington

David Leroy Wilburn and Teresia Cantrell had the following children:

Teresia married Thomas William Hasseries in Wenatchee, Washington, November 23, 1984. Thomas William Hasseries born in Indianapolis, Indiana. Tom died June 4 2004 in in Mankato MN

Teresia graduated from Central Washington University 1984, with a B.A. in Religious Studies. She received a Master of Divinity at Luther Seminary, 1997 and was ordained April 27, 1997 into ministry of Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

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