The family of Clarence "Ordie" "JB" and Mabel Cantrell

Cantrell Family photo 1952

Mabel Ellen Lewis and Clarence Orville "Ordie" "JB" Cantrell were married on July 13, 1914. Mabel was the daughter of Elwin Lewis and Minnie Mae(Hutchins) Lewis. She was born in Coon Rapids, Iowa on April 26, 1896. Mabel died September 12, 1976 in Vallejo, California, at 80 years of age. Her body was interred in Wenatchee Washington. Clarence was born October 24, 1888. He was the son of James Lafayette Cantrell and Mary Viola Shipley "Mollie". Clarence died September 7, 1962 in Newport Washington, at 73 years of age

Clarence Orville "Ordie" "JB" Cantrell and Mabel Ellen Lewis had the following children:

Now for a little history on the Family.

Ordie "JB" and Mabel ran into some financial problems in the early 1930's. Ordie "JB" decided to venture out of the Iowa and head west. He eventually came to Wenatchee WA. Ordie "JB" took a job working in fruit packing shed as a night watch man. Mabel was to stay back in Iowa with the family until JB was settled. Mabel decided not to wait until JB was completely settled and she traveled with her youngest daughter Maxine to Wenatchee around 1935. Mabel's other young daughter Ione stayed back with family. In order to get by Mabel worked as a cook at the local Catholic Church rectory. Due to the nature of the job Mabel was allowed to live along with Maxine at the church rectory. Ordie "JB" then took a job at the Holden Mine at the head of Lake Chelan. During his time working at the mine there was a cave in that trapped nine men. Ordie "JB" was lucky to get out with he life. After that he decided to get out of the mining business and went to work for the WPA (Works Progress Administration). The WPA was a program that was part of the New Deal President Roosevelt implemented. Ordie "JB" worked as a rough carpenter on the Coulee Dam project. While working at the WPA he started buying rental property. He then bought some acreage,which was developed and named Cantrell Heights. The three daughters of Ordie "JB" and Mabel's have a streets named after then in Cantrell Heights.

In 1937 three of their other children moved to the Wenatchee area also. Ordie "JB" was able to get a home for his family. Ordie "JB" and Mabel resided in Wenatchee for a number of years and then moved to a farm in Chewelah, WA. Around 1951 they then purchased a motel in Newport, WA and moved there. After purchasing the motel Ordie "JB" decided to expand and built on to the existing structure. During that time the phone didn't have a dial tone. You would pickup the receiver and told the operator what number you wanted to be connected to. There were two flagpoles out front, one for the U.S. flag and the other for the Canadian. In their later year they would close in the winter and go to Phoenix. The grandkids always got a box of candy bars for Christmas. The motel was sold in 1966. A picture along with the particulars is listed below.

CANTRELL MOTEL, jct. of Hwys. 2,6 & 195 at north exit of Newport, Wash. Sixteen modern units, 9 with kitchenettes, all with free TV, automatic heat. Store in connection, close to other services. Mabel and Jim Cantrell, Box 54 Telephone GI 7-3463

Family photos
Cantrell Motel Mabel and JB's 35th Anniversary
Mabel,Agnes,Ione, and Maxine in Picher,OK 
        taken November,1937

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